Biology Unit 3 Active Transport and Water Through Plants

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Active Transport

ACTIVE TRANSPORT is the movement of particles from an area of lower concentration to an area of higher concentration. The particles moves ACROSS THE CONCENTRATION GRADIENT.

Active transport needs energy from respiration for it to occur.  

Examples of this are Root Hair Cells and To Stop Us Starving;

Root Hair Cells-

  • They are specalised for absorbing water and minerals
  • The cell has a large surface surface area because of the long hairs that stick into the soil.
  • The concentration of minerals are usually higher in the root hair than in its surrondings. Because the cell wants to absorb as many minerals as possible than it still wants the low concentration of minerals in the surrondings. So its uses active transport.

To Stop Us From Starving-

  • This also happens exactly the same when the blood wants to absord nutrients from the gut.
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Water Flow Thorugh Plants

Phloem Tubes Transport FOOD;

  • These tubes are mode of living cells that have holes through them so stuff can flow through them.
  • They transport food substances to newly growing parts of the plant e.g. new root sprouts.
  • They also transport the storage of the plant.
  • The transportation happens in both direction in the Phloem tube.

Xylem Tubes Take WATER UP;

  • These tubes are made of dead cells and have a hole running through the middle of the tube.
  • They carry water and minerals up to the leaves and stem in teh transpriation system.
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Transpriation is the loss of water from a plant.

The transpriation system is a side effect of how the plants have adapted for photosynthesis. Water is drawn up the Xylem Tube to the leaves. It then travels through the petiole and into the leave. The stomata then lets the water out via evapouration. This then leaves a shortage of water in the leafso more water is drawn up to the leaf and the process happens again and again....

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Quick Quiz- The Questions

1. What is the definition for ACTIVE TRANSPORT?

2. What are two examples of when this happens?

3. What are the names of the two tubes in the transportation system?

4. Which tube transports food around the plant?

5. Which tube draws water up the plant to the leaves?

6. What is the transpiration system a side effect of?

7. Briefly describe the process of transpriation, using key words.

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Quick Quiz- The Answers

1. The movement of particles from an area of lower concentration to an area of higher concentration, across the concentration gradient.

2. Root Hair Cell, and in the Gut (to stop us from starving)

3. Phloem Tubes and Xylem Tubes

4. Phloem Tube

5. Xylem Tube

6. Photosynthesis

7. The xylem draws water up to the leaves. The water then leaves the bottom of the leaf via the stomata by evaporation. There is then a shortage of water in the leaves so the xylem tube draws water up and this process reapeats constantly.

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