Biology Unit 2 Energy Flows

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Energy Flow

Energy Pyramids

  • The sun is the main source of energy for all life
  • The first way this is shown is through plants in photosynthesis.
  • The mass of living material (biomass) is lessened at each stage of a food chain.

Energy Loss

  • Energy is lost through faeces, heating the body and movement.
  • Energy loss can be lessened by reducing the amount of stages in the food chain.
  • Battery farming will make sure animals don't lose energy as heat or through movement.
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  • Living organisms take material from the environment as they live, when they die this is given back.
  • Microorganisms decompose dead material and digest it.
  • The best conditions for microorganisms like these to work is warm and moist.
  • Plants need some nutrients to grow, they are given some of these by other organisms dying and decomposers returning the material to the ground.
  • In theory, there is an equal amount of material entering the ground than being removed from it.
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The Carbon Cycle

Taking Carbon away from the atmosphere

  • Photosynthesis

Giving Carbon back


  • Respiration
  • Death of organisms
  • Burning of fossil fuels
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