Biology Unit 2

just a summarisation of the B2 topic. With keywords and definitions.

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There are 8 main cells you need to know:

Root hair cells: have a tiny hair like structure. shaped like a sledge hammer.

Palisade Cells: column shaped. packed with chloroplasts for photosynthesis.

Xylem cells: long, thin and hollow. contain no cytoplasm. transport water through stem and root.

Nerve cells: (neurones) long slender axons which carry nerve impulses up to a metre.

Egg Cell: (Ovum) larger than other cells. carrys food reserves for the developing embryo.

Sperm Cell: has a tail to travel from the Vaigna to the Ovum.

Red blood cell: no nucleus. packed full of haemoglobin in order to carry lots of oxygen.

White blood cells: can change shape to engulf and destroy microbes which have invade the body.

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have to point out:

You spelled Vagina wrong :S

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