Biology - The nervous system

the nervous system

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What does the nervous system do?

Where is this process usually controlled?

What are reflex actions responses to?

What are receptors?

What can they detect?

Where are the receptors located?

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The nervous system allows us to respond to changes in the environment

The brain


They are a group of specialised cells

Changes in the environment, called stimuli and changes them into electrical pulses 

Sense organs e.g. eyes, skin

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What is skin sensitive to?

What is the tongue sensitive to?

What are eyes sensitive to?

What are the ears sensitive to?

What does the CNS stand for?

What does the CNS consist of?

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Touch, pressure, pain

Chemicals in the air


The sound and position of the head

The central nerve system 

The brain and the spinal chord 


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What happens when a receptor is stimulated? 

What does the brain then do?

What is an effector?

Name 2 examples of effectors:

What are neurones? 

How to neurones transmit information?

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It will send a signal along the nerve cells to the neurones to the brain

The brain then co-ordinates the response 

An effector is any part of the body that produces the response 

1: A muscle contracting to move the arm 2: A gland releasing a hormone into the gland  

Nerve cells 

Through tiny electrical signals 

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Name the three different types of neurones? 

What do the sensory neurones do?

What do the relay neurones do?

What do the motor neurones do?

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1: Sensory neurone 2: Relay neurone 3: Motor neurone

The carry the signals from the receptors to the spinal cord and brain

This carries signals from one part of the CNS to the other

This carries the signals from the CNS to the effectors 

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What is the name of the tiny gap where to neurones meet?

What happens when a receptor is stimulated?

When is the brain not needed for a response? 

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It sends a signal to the central nervous system 

When a quick response is needed

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