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The menstrual cycle

    The Stages In The Menstrual Cycle:
  • The pituitary gland releases FSH when the ovaries make an egg.
  • FSH matures the egg and also triggers the release of Oestrogen.
  • Oestrogen slows FSH and starts LH.
  • It also repairs uterus lining.
  • LH causes ovulation and starts Progesterone.
  • Progesterone slows down LH prepares the uterus lining for the egg.
  • The levels of Progesterone and Ostrogen fall, causing menstruation. 

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The Kidneys

The kidney removes poisonous Urea out of the blood.

The kidney also controls the amount of Salt & Water in the blood too.

Urea = Amino Acids broken down in Liver into Ammonia. Ammonia then turns into Urea.

How the Kidney works?

  • Blood is pumped into kedney through the Renal Artery under HIGH pressure.
  • Blood enetrs each Glumerulus under HIGH pressure.
  • Most SMALL molecules in the blood move throught the Glumerulus membrane, into the Bowman's Capsule.
  • These small molecules are: Urea, Water, Salt, Amin Acids & Glucose
  • Useful materials such as: Glucose, some Water & some Salts go in to the kidney tubeles
  • In the Proximal (1st Coiled Tubule), Glucose & Salt are reabsorbed by Active Transport.
  • In the Loop of Henle: Descending: water passively diffuses out of the naphrons.
  •                                       : Ascending: salt passively diffuses out
  • In the Distal (2nd Coiled Tubule), Water is reabsorbed in into the blood under the interference of ADH.
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Minerals In Plants

The 4 Compounds Needed Are:

Nitrates: needed to make Protein: which is needed for growth

Phosphates: needed for Respiration & Growth

Potassium: needed for Respiration & Photosynthesis

Magnesium: needed for Photosynthesis

They Are Used To:

Nitrates: needed for Amino Acids which then make protiens

Phosphurous: needed for DNA development in the plant

Potassium: needed to help Enzyme Activity

Magnesium: needed to make Chlorophyll for Photosynthesis

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