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Biology for a test after Easter.

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What does protein do?

What does protein do?

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Protein makes us grow.

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What do we need carbohydrates for?

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We need carbohydrates to give us energy.

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What is the meaning of a balanced diet?

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To not have to much or to little of each type of f

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Give an example of a mineral.

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Calcium, which makes bones stronger.

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Give an example of a vitamin. And its function.

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Vitamin C, which is used for maintaining healthy g

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What chemical is used to indicate vitamin C conten

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How is energy stored?

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Energy is stored in fat.

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What colour does iodine turn starch?

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What is a chemical that speeds up reactions called

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A catalyst.

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Explain why enzymes are specific.

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Enzymes are specific because they only react with

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What is an enzyme?

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An enzyme is a chemical made by the body that can

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