Biology - Nutrients

Human biology

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What is needed to keep the body healthy?

What increases the risk of heart disease?

What does excess salt increase?

Why are fats needed?

Why are meet and fish needed

A unbalanced diet can lead to...

What is the name of the chemical reaction that allows cells to release energy?

What is the metabolic rate?

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Regular exercise and a balanced diet

Excess cholesterol 

high blood pressure

to make cell membranes and insulate our bodies

For growth and repair 

A person being malnourished 


The speed at which chemical reactions take place in the body

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1: irregular periods in women 2: reduce resistance to infection 3: deficiency diseases

It means when people have too much fat on their body causing them to be overweight?

1: Diabetes 2: heart disease 3: high blood pressure 

In the blood

In the liver, it's made for healthy cell membranes 



LDL's - Low density lipoproteins (carry cholesterol from the liver to the cells) HDL's - High density lipoproteins (carry excess cholesterol back to the liver)

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