Biology- keeping Healthy

Keeping Healthy Topic 1 in Biology

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Biology- Keeping Healthy

Diet and Excersise- A balanced diet includes everything needed to keep the body healthy. Different people need different amounts of energy because the metabolic rate varies from person to person.

  Weight promblems- If you eat more food (take in more energy) than you need your mass will increase. Obesity can lead to health promblems such as Type 2 diabetes.

 Inheritance, excersise and health- Inherited factors affect our health. These include metabolic rate and cholesterol levels. People who excersise regulery are usually healthier than those who take little excersise.

Pathogens and DiseasePathogens are microorganisms that cause infectious disease. Most pathogens are bacteria or viruses. Pathogens reproduce rapidly inside the body and may produce toxins. Viruses reproduce inside cells and damage them.

Defence Mechanisms- The body prevents most pathogens getting in. Pathogens which enter the body can be destoyed by white blood cells.

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Biology- Keeping Healthy

Using drugs to treat disease- Antibiotics cure bacterial diseases by killing bacteria inside your body. Antibiotics cannot destroy viruses.

Growing and investigating bacteria- Bacteria can be grown on agar jelly. All the materials and equipment must be sterilised, this prevents any unwanted microoraganisms. 

Changing Pathogens- If a pathogen changes ny mutation the new strain may spread rapidly. Some new strains can cause epidemics and pandemics. Some bacteria developed resistance to antibiotics by natural selection.

Immunity- A wide range of vaccines are given to immunise people against disease. Vaccines contain dead or inactive pathogens. Vaccines can protect against both bacterial and viral pathogens. Vaccines encourage your white blood cells to produce antibodies that destroy the pathogens.

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