Biology GCSE AQA unit 1

These are question cards for GCSE AQA Biology unit one. They include Evolution, Genetics, Drugs, Competition etc.

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Nervous system

what does the nervous system do?

what does the nervous system consist of?

what is the equation for the nervous system?

what are the three types of neurone, and describe what they all do?

what is the gap called inbetween the neurones?

what stimuli do receptors respond to?

describe a concious action?

describe a reflex action?

describe all three internal conditions?

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what are hormones?

where are hormones produced?

what is FSH?

what does oestrogen do?

what does LH do?

describe artificial control of fertility?

decribe the advantages and dissadvantages of IVF treatment?

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Healthy Diets

what is the metabolic rate?

what is a malnurished diet?

what does poor diet lead to?

what problems do the devoloped world face due to poor diet?

what problems do the developing world face due to poor diet?

how can we improve the diet : salt ?

how can we improve the diet : cholesterol?

what are the problems and benefits of the low carb diet?

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what are drugs?

how do we develop drugs?

describe the story of Thailomide?

what are the effects of alcohol?

what are the effects of tobacco?

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Infectious Diseases

what causes infectious diseases?

what are the differences between bacteria and virus'?

describe our defence against pathogens?

what are antibiotics?

what happens when we over use antibiotics?

what is inside a vaccination, and describe how it works?

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what do organisms compete with eachother for?

describe the competition between plants and animals?

what are animal populations affected by?

what are plant populations affected by?

what is the definition of a population?

what is the definition of a community?

what are adaptations?

how are polar bears adapted to their climate?

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Genetic information

what are chromosomes?

what do genes do?

why is there variation in the same species?

how do genes get mixed together?

what is meant by asexual production?

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