Biology GCSE (1)

Evolution and Environment 

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What is Darwin's theory of evolution?

What is the theory supported by?

What is the basic idea behind the theory?

What does Darwin's theory of evolution state?

Name two key points to do with this:

What happens if species are poorly adapted to their environment?

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His theory of evolution explains how species of living things have changed over geological time 

Fossils and rapid changed that seem to occur in microorganisms 

It's that all the different species have evolved from simple life forms

It states that evolution happens by natural selection

1: Individuals in a species show a wide range of of variation

2: Individuals with characteristics most suited to the environment are more likely to survive and reproduce

They are less likely to survive and reproduce, therefore there genes are less likely passes on to the next generation. given enough time the species will eventually die out. 

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What were the moths like before industry in Britain?

What was a disadvantage to the black moths?

What blackened the tree's?

What did this mean for the Black birds?

What has happened over time due to this?

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pale variety 

They were easily spotted out and eaten by birds. Therefore white moths were more likely to survive because the tree's were pale, and they reproduced more.

Air pollution with soot

They were now camouflaged, while the white moths were now much more vulnerable to birds

The black moths are found more in urban areas compared to white moths

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What does extinct mean?

Name four factors that can cause an animal to become extinct?

What do the fossils records show?

What happened to the dodo?

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It means that something that once existed no longer does

- New predators 

- New diseases 

- New competitors 

- Change in the environment, such as change in the climate 

They show that many species have become extinct since life on earth began

The dodo started getting hunted for food. And new predators were brought onto the island, and they ate all the dodo's eggs. It was extinct within 80 years

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