Biology - Drugs and Health

Drugs and Health

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What do drugs do to our body?

What did the drug thalidomide do in the last century?

Give two examples of recreational drugs?

What is bad about that type of drug?

Where can some drugs be extracted?

Why are drugs tested in a laboratory?

What can be bad about this process?

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They change the chemical reactions in the body

It caused a damaging and unexpected side effects to babies

Alcohol and Tobacco 

It is addictive

From natural sources

to check they are not toxic 

It takes a long time and can be extremely expensive 

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What is the addictive substance in tobacco?

What does the nicotine do?

What happens when carbon monoxide combines with haemoglobin?

What disease can this cause?

Why is smoking during pregnancy very bad?

Smoking whilst pregnant could lead to?

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it reaches the brain within 20 seconds and creates a dependancy so that it is addictive 

It reduces the ability of the blood being able to take oxygen around the blood

Heart Disease 

It reduces the amount of oxygen available to growing the fetus. 

low birth baby

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What substances can cause cancer?

Alcohol is a...

What does this mean?

What are the long term effects of drinking alcohol?

All drugs have the potential to...

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it slows down the signals in the nerves and brain 

Damage to the liver and brain 

damage our health 

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