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  • Name and identify the parts of the leaf (
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5 ways leaves are adaped for efficant photosynthesis?

  • Broad large surface area
  • thin so short distance for gas to travel
  • cotains chlorophyll to absorb light
  • have a network of veins for support and transport
  • stomata for gas exchange

Gas is exchanged by?

  • Diffusion

How is the sturucture of the palisade cell related to its function?

  • Contains many chloroplasts
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How is the cellular structure of a leaf adapted for efficent photosynthesis?

  • epidermis is transparant
  • palisade layer at top conatining most of the chloroplasts
  • air spaces in spongy mesophyll allow diffution between stomata and photosynthesising cells
  • internal surface area / volume ratio very large

What are the steps that water tavels through a plant

1 absorbtion from the soil through root hairs

2 transport through plant to leaves

3 evaporation from the leaves


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transpiration privides the plant with water for?

  • cooling
  • photosynthesis
  • support
  • movement of minerals

how is the structure of a leaf adapted to reduce exessive water loss?

  • waxy cuticle
  • small number of stomata on upper surface

how is the cellular structure of a leaf adapted to reduce water loss?

  • changes is guard cell turgidity (due to light intensity and availability of water) to change size of stomata
  • number, distbution , position and size of stomata 
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