Biology B2 cells GCSE

These are a quick and easy test of your knowledge of cells. it may help highlight anything you may need to revise. good luck!

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animal and plant cells

where in the cell is energy released during respiration?

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animal and plant cells

What features do most plant cells have that animal cells do NOT?

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A Cell wall, choloroplasts, and a vacuole

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Chemical reactions in cells

Where in the cell are the enzymes that control the reactions of:

1) Respiration?

2) Photosythesis?

3) Protien synthesis?

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1) Mitochondria

2) Chloroplass

3) The surface of the ribosomes

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Specialised cells

Why does a fat cell contain very little mitochondria?

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They Use very little energy

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specialised cells

was does the optic nerve carry to your brain?

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specialised cells

what is stored in the ACROSOME?

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digestive enzymes for breaking down outer layers of the egg (an acrosome is on a sperm)

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What is a concentration gradient?

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the gradient between an area where a substance is at a high concentration and an area where it is at a low concentration.

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you should think about putting this into a quiz which can be made on get revising

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