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Adaptation for survival

How people affect the planet



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Adaptation For survival

  • Plants compete for three things these are ... Light, Water and Nutrients.
  • Animals compete for ... Water, Food, Space, Mates and Breeding Sites. 
  • In the Arctic, predators might have white coats in the winter ... so they are camoflaged, not easily seen by their prey.
  • The idea of 'Surface area to volume ratio' is ... The larger the animal, the smaller its surface area is compared to its volume.
  • In a dessert likely problems for animals and plants are going to be ... Animals hunt at night so they don't get too hot ... Plants are eaten by animals, so some developed thorns, poisionous chemicals and warning colours putting animals off. 
  • Animals and Plants may have bright colours ... (animals) to attract females or as camoflage... (plants) to stop animals from eating them. 
  • Some animals need a teritory ... in their teritory there will be space for them to find water, food and have space to mate.
  • In a wood or forest plants compete for ... light mostly so some plants flower before the leaves come out on the trees so they can get some sun light.
  • Some plants spread their seeds over a wide area so ... They do not compete with themselves.
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  • Gametes are ... male and female sex cells.
  • Chromosomes are found ... in the nucleus.
  • Chromosomes are made up of ... Genes.
  • Sexual reproduction leads to variation in the offspring because ... there is a mix of genetic information so the variation is shown in the offspring. 
  • Asexual reproduction is different to sexual reproduction because ... it does not involve the fusion of sex cells.
  • Cuttings are taken from a plant ... because its a cheap and effective way of cloning plants the way you want them to grow.
  • New plants are grown by tissue culture by ... taking a group of cells from a plant and growing them under special conditions.
  • Cloning means ... making an identical copy of the parent.
  • Genes are cut out of chromosomes by ... using an enzyme.
  • There are arguments about whether genetic engineering should be allowed these are ... Will it create new organisms we know nothing about? Is it going against nature.
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  • Natural selection is ... when the best adapted animals and plants survive.
  • Lamark's theory was ... acquired characteristics can be passed on to the next generation.
  • Darwin's theory took a long time to be accepted because ... people wanted to believe that God was responsible for the creation of new species.
  • Fossils can show ... small changes in the same species over time therefore backing up Darwin's theory.
  • Life forms appeared on earth about ... 3500 Million years ago.
  • In Darwin's theory is the theory of natural selection but things change to better themselves.
  • Sexual reproduction means that animals can pass on good characteristics and become a very good species. 
  • Extinction means ... That a species that once existed has been completley wiped out of existence. 
  • A mutation is .... a change in a gene.
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