Biology B1a Revision cards

B1a Revision cards

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What is produced in the pituitary gland?



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What is a Synaspe?

The connection between two neurones is called a synaspe.

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what happens in the menstural cycle, what hormones

FSH matures egg--> Causes ovaries to create Oestrogen--> Oestrogen causes pitutary gland to produce LH--> LH causes egg to release.

FSH and LH are made in the pititary gland. 

Oestrogen made in the Ovaries as it has a O at the begining of it.

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What is a stimulus?

A change in environment.

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What is the reflex arc?

Stimulus--> Receptor --> Sensory neurone --> Relay neurone --> Motor neurone 

--> Effector --> Response

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Bethany Cunningham


These are quite good revision cards, nice and brief and quite colourful!

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