Biology B1 Influences On Life

edexcel new specification 2011

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What are the conditions of hydrothermal vents?

Hot with high pressure.

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Tubeworms rely on bacteria and bacteria rely on tu

This is called a mutualistic relationship

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Explain how carbon monoxide could affect the birth

The foetus has less oxygen for respiration or energy for growth.

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State two symptoms of sickle cell disease.

Extreme Fatigue and Difficulty Breathing.

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What is one advantage of being poikilothermic?

Less energy is used keeping warm.

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Explain why vasodilation helps maintain body tempe

The blood vessels dilate, increased blood flow due to shunt vessels dilating, more heat is radiated (lost)

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Give the name of the hormone that causes shoot tip


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Give 2 ways plant hormones are used by commercial

Ethene is used by supermarkets to ripen fruit.

Rooting powder to make plants grow quicker

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Explain how photo+geo tropism affect the developme

Phototropism causes elongation of tip, bends towards light, maximises light for photosynthesis, produces sugar/starch energy growth.

Geotropism, roots grow downwards into soil, plant is well grounded, maximises water/nutrient, minerals intake.

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explain how bacteria in the soil can be essential

decomposing bacteria break down dead animals/plants...creates ammonia

nitrifying bacteria converts ammonia/nitrites to nitrates...plants use nitrates to make proteins/amino acids

denitrifying bacteria converts nitrates to nitrogen...fertlisers being added

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name one involuntary reaction


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this was very helpfu!



 as soon as you have read the question the answer is right there it doesnt help at all

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D: Not enough detail and these questions aren't looked at upon a wider scale. There very specfic on one type of Animal related to the question.

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