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Nutrients in food ( Balanced Diet)


  • Found in foods: eggs,nuts,meat and chicken 
  • They build new tissues
  • Needed for growing
  • Needed to repair tissues
  • Are made up of Amino acids -  Bilding blocks that builf protiens in your body     


  • Found in foods  : Rice,pasta,potatos and sugars 
  • To provide energy
  • sugar- energy is quickly provided
  • Rice,pasta,potatos - Energy is slowly provided 


  • Chemical reactions take place in body in a watery environment                                                
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Nutrients in food ( Balanced Diet) 2


  • Found in foods : Butter and oils   
  • To provide stored energy 


  • Found in foods: Fruit and vegetables 
  • Not a nutrient 
  • Not taken in by the body or blood
  • Helps prevent constipation ( When you can't remove faeces from your body,Fibre helps it to be removed correctly) 

Vitamins and Minrals 

  • Healthy funtioning of body 
  • Are needed - otherwise leads to sufferring of dificency disease.
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Why do we need a balanced diet?

A balanced diet stops you from suffering malnutrition

Malnutrition = Over weight or Under weight 

  • If you take in more energy but use less energy = Put on weight
  • If you use more energy than taken in =Lose weight
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The total of chemical reactions taking place in your body requiring energy

High Metabolism                                                                                  Low Metabolism

Does loads                                           =   Exercise       =                     Doesn't do a lot

Inherited gens                                      =  Genetics        =                      Inherited gens

High proportion of muscle to fat        =  Muscle | Fat   =             Low proportion of muscle to fat

Males (Generally)                                =   Gender    =                   Females (Generally) 

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Cholesterol is linked to Malnutrition 

  • Type of fat which is required in the body 
  • It provides stability in every cell of your body.
  • A substance made by the liver.
  • Found in the blood.
  • The amount produced depends on diet and inherited factors.
  • High levels increase risk of disease in the heart and blood vessels & blocked arteries


1.High level of cholesterol 

2.cholesterol blocking arteries

3. Restricting the amount of blood that can flow through arteries

4. Leads to heart attack 

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Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is linked to Overweight

  • Disease were you cannot control blood sugar 
  • Result of Insulin not being  recognised  by  cells in the body


  •  Result of Insulin not working with the cells in the body to take sugar out of the blood 

    =        Problems in body  linked to diabetes 

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Cholesterol 2

Cholesterol is carried around the body by 2 types

  • LDL (Low density lipoprptein) 
  • LDLs are ‘bad’ and can cause  blocked artiries and heart disease
  • HDL (high-density lipoproteins) 
  • HDl are 'good' and they get cholestrol out of the body                                                                        =Balancing these is important to having a healthy heart.
  • Saturated fats increase blood cholesterol levels. e.g. Butter
  • Unsaturated/ Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats may help both to reduce blood cholesterol levels and used improve the balance between LDLs and HDLs. e.g.Oils
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