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Specialised Cells 1

Nerve cell: to carry nerve impulses to different part of the body 

  • very thin, and long connections at each end
  • can carry electrical signals- impulses

Red Blood cells: Carries oxygen around the body 

  • doughnut shaped to allow maximum absorbtion by the haemoglobin they carry 
  • also this shape allows smooth passage through the capillaries
  • so packed with haemoglobin there is no space for a nucleus
  • large surface area for oxygen to pass through

Egg cell:

  • specialised for reproduction 
  • huge food reserves to provide nutrition for a potential embryo to develop from

Sperm cell: Reproduction cell

  • long tail to give sperm it's mobility
  • short life span- only strongest sperm can reach the egg
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Specialised Cells 2

White Blood cells: fight disease

  • produces antibodies to fight disease
  • irregular shape to engulf bacteria

Epithelial Cell: Stop lung damage

  • tiny hairs to filter the air/ for movement to trap dust
  • produce mucus to trap dust

Root hair cell:

  • long cell increases surface area to help absorbtion of water and minerals
  • very thin cell wall for minerals to be absorbed easier
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