biology 2

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Nucleus- contains genetic material that controls the activities of the cell

Cytoplasm- most of the chemical reactions happen here -> contains enzymes which control the reactions

Cell membrane- holds cell together and controls what goes in and out

Mithocondria- reactions for respiration happen here- respiration releases energy that the cell needs to work

Ribosomes- proteins are made here

Plant cells have these extra: 

Rigid cell wall- made of cellulose- supports + strengthens the cell

Permanent vacuole- contains cell sap

Chloroplats- photosynthesis occurs- making food for the plant. they contain a green substance called chlorophyll

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Single celled organisms

Yeast is a single celled organism

 - has a nucleus and a cell membrane surrounded by a cell wall 

Bacterial cells have no nucleus

- has cytoplasm and a cell membrane surrounded by a cell wall

- the gentic material floats in the cytoplasm 

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