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keeping things inside the body balanced

-body temperature

-blood sugar

-water levels

-blood pH

the skin:

-protects your body from damage

-stops pathogens getting in

-stops too much water loss

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-it lets you feel: touch, pain, temperature and pressure

A pathogen is a micro-organism that makes you ill

in cold temperature the blood capillaries close to the skin get narrower: vasoconstriction

in hot temperature the blood cappilaries close to the skim get wider: vasodilation

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when the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to lower the bllod sugar levels.

-glucose changes into clycogen which is stored in the liver. 

if the blood sugar level falls too low you become sweaty and you start trembling. it caused general weakness. your body produced glucagon to release the glycogen to turn into glucose.





-glucose in urine.

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diagnosis method:

-urine sample

-blood test




-special diet

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