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Structure of Bacteria

Bacteria have:

  • A cell wall- which gives shape to the bacterium
  • A cell membrane- To allow substances to enter and leave the cell
  • DNA that appears to retain a certain shape (the DNA) is not in the nucleus
  • Plasmids- These are circular double stranded DNA. They are unique to bacteria. They can be copied and move between different bacteria in a population. This means that resistance to certain antibiotics can be passed on without the bacteria reproducing.


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Fermenters can be used to.......

  • Grow single celled proteins, for example mycoprootein ( the main ingredient of Quorn, a meat substitute for vegetarians)


Culture enzymes- that can be used in food production, for example rennin, which is used in cheese making and would otherwise have to be harvested from sheeps' stomachs.


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Michael Alexander


Why is fermentation blank?

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