Genes and what they do.

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Genes and what they do

  • Young Animal, and plants look like their parents because they inherit information from them.
  • This information is passed on from parents to offspring by genes.
  • Genes are linked together in long chains called chromosomes.
  • The nucleus of a cell normally has two sets of chromosomes on it.
  • Genes and chromosomes are made from a chemical called deoxyribonucleic acid- DNA for short.
  • one set -mothers egg cell . second set  -fathers sperm cell
  • Egg and Sperm cells are special cells which contain half of the genes that normal cells have.
  • These two sex cells (gametes) join together during fertilisation.
  • We develop from a fertilised egg.
  • Fertilised eggs have two sets of genes
  • The genes we get, control the development of characteristics we inherit.


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Genes and what they do

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