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How is beer made?

How is beer made?

1) You soak barley in warm water

2) The process of germination takes place

3) Enzymes break down starch grains into sugar

4) Cellulose breaks into a sugary solution

5) This is used as an energy source for the yeast

6) Yeast + sugar mixture = fermentation

7) Ethanol is produced

8) Hops added, which are then left to settle and develop flavour

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How is wine made?

How is wine made?

1) you stamp grapes with your feet, this releases their natural sugars

2) You mix with yeast and water

3) The yeast is left to respire anaerobically

4) Until all the sugar from the fruit is used up

5) The wine is filtered to remove the yeast

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How is yoghurt made?

How is yoghurt made?

1) Bacterial action on lactose

2) Add a culture of bacteria to warm milk

3) Bacteria breaks down lactose into lactic acid

4) Lactic acid gives that sour taste

5) Lactic acid causes milk to clot and solidify

6) This forms the yoghurt

7) More bacterial action makes it creamier

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How is cheese made?

How is cheese made?

1) Bacterial action in milk

2) Just like in yoghurt the lactose breaks down to lactic acid, however a grater amount of lactic acid is produced and this means that it clots and then solidifes completely.

3) Enzymes are added to seperate the milk from milk from curd and whey.

4) Curd mixed with bacteria and left to dry.

6) This effects the end texture

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How to produce bread?

1) The yeast is dormant

2) Add a substraint - the yeast begins to respire

3) Respiration causes CO2, the carbon dioxide causes the bread to rise

4) The bread is then baked at a hign temperature to kill the yeast.

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