BIOLOGY - Microscope Calculations

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Cells Under a Microscope

Magnification = to enlargen/ to make an object bigger

Resolution = the ability of a microscope to differenciate between two close together objects

Compound light microscope:


  • easy to use
  • cheap to purchace
  • 'true colour' but sometimes requires staining
  • could use live specamins


  • low resolution due to wavelength of light
  • low magnification (max 1,250x, normally 400x)
  • specamins are thin
  • may not be representative

Electron microscope:


  • much higher resolution
  • provides detailed images of interiot structures
  • higher magnification (500,000x)


  • expensive
  • extensive training required
  • samples must be dead (vaccum, stains)
  • black and white/ false colour
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Microscope Calculations

Magnification = size of image / actual size of object

REMEMBER: 'I AM' triangle

  • mm to um = x1000
  • um to mm = /1000
  • 'um' used for actual size of object
  • 'x' used for magnification
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