BIOLOGY KEY WORDS- cell structure


Cell membrane

the structure surrounding cells that controls what enters and leaves the cell

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Cell wall

a cell wall of cellulose surrounds plant cells, giving them support and shape

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organelles found only in plant (and some protoctist) cells and are where photosynthesis takes place in the cell

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long DNA molecules found in the nucleus of a cell

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the jelly-like liquid inside the cell which contains the organelles and where many chemical reactions take place

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organelles in plant and animal cells, and are where respiration takes place

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the organelle in plant and animal cells that contains the genetic material

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the chemical process by which plants use light, water and carbon dioxide, to create glucose and oxygen

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small organelles found in cells, and are where protein synthesis takes place

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Specialised cells

specialised cells develop by the process of cell differentiation

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Stem cells

cells that have not yet differentiated. they have many potential medical uses

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