Biology Chapter 4

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Is the struggle for resources. 

Plants compete for -light



                             - nutrients

Animals compete for - food

                                 - territory

                           - mates 

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Salty environments like the sea and lakes. Things that live there are bacteria, mangroues (trees) roots which can absorb the water and not the salt. Have a special cell wall.

Hot environments- camels, bacteria. Not many living things live there so less competiton

Pressure - bottom of the ocean and bacteraia can live there. Fish and sea mammals (whales, dolphins)


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Cold environments - thick fur that traps air which is a good insulator.

Thick layer fat is a good insulator.

White which is for camoflage to confuse prey.

Surface area- small ears lose less heat. Large body which can hold heat.

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Adaptions 2

Animals in hot climates.

Have a problem with heat. More surface area with large ears with more surface area in contact with the air. 


Cacti- Stems that can store water. Widespread root systems that can collect water from a large are. Have spines instead of leaves protect the cacti from animals that might eat them

Might resemble poisonous plants to deter predators. 

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