cell organisation

  • large multicellular organisms are made up of organ systems 
  • similar cells are organised into tissues. 
  • a tissue is a group of similar cells which work together to carry out a particular function it can include more than one type of cell.
  • examples of tissues include muscular tissue- which contracts (shortens) to move whatever its attactched to. 
  • Glandular tissue, which makes and secretes chemicals like enzymes and hormones. epethelial tissue which covers some parts of the body eg inside the gut.
  • tissues are organised into organs.
  • an organ is a group of different tissues that work together to perform a certain function. for example the STOMACH is an organ made up of muscular, gladular and epithelial tissues. 
  • organs are organised into organ systems.
  • an organ system is a group of organs working together to perform a particular function- for example the digestive system. 
  • organ sytems work together to make entire organsisms. 
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