biological explainations of abnormality

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behaviours is shaped by internal, physiological factors. abnormal behaviours are "illlnesses" cause by either .....

-genetics > 1st degree relatives of schizophrenics have a 10% chance of also suffering from the illness

-biochemistry > imbalanced neurotransmitters in a persons nervous system causes psychological disorders.

-infection > flu linked to schizophrenia. infection can cause rise in mental illness.

-brain damage > abnormal behaviour can occur if the structure of the brain is damaged.

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- no blame > sufferer becomes irresponsible of their own actions

- relinquishing responsibility > passes responsibility to another i.e. a doctor.

- reductionist > places abnormality down to only biological factors and does not take into account external factors. simplifies the illness a lot.


- McGuffin et al (1996) conducted research into the risk of depression in twins. found 46% concordance in monozygotic twins ans 20% in dyzygotic. suggests genetic link with depression.

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