Biological Approach sex assignment and gender behaviour

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The argument about transgender people

Transgender people don't believe that it should be considered a disorder. This is because we know that the role of genes determine our gender Female is ** and Male is XY. There are some chromosone disordeers such as Turners syndrome(XO) and Klienfelter syndrome (**Y). 

These disorders can lead to hormone abnormalities as the difference in genes release irregular hormones. 

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Contributions of understanding sex assignment

During birth sometimes a child can be assigned the wrong sex . This can cause distresss as they develop throughout their lives. The contribution to this is that we help those who feel they have been wrongly assigned which helps shed a light on their feelings. 

This explanation has also led to development of treatments such as hormone replacement.

Money1975 study on one identical twin who had a surgical problem when having a circumcition. Money they tried to raise Bruce as Brenda ( a girl) she had new hair , clothes and toys. 

Later on when brenda got older she turned herself back into a man called David Reimer this is because he always felt he was a boy and when later told about what happened it made perfect sense. His mother attempted sucide , his dad turned to alcohol and brother became clinically depressed. David tried to commit sucide twice before meeting his wife. 

He had children and they got married, however in the later years there marrigae suffered causing his wife to leave him. David could not cope with this and became angry and violent. He eventually committed suicide. 

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strengths of sex assignment and gender behaviour


Loads of evidence is provided to support gene and hormones in  terms of development of a human foetus. This evidence comes from animal testing , and human DNA testing. This is reliable and tests are easy to replicate

The findings of testing has predictive validity as it has been shown that genes structure predicts the type of development and those with a paticular development type share the same gene structure. By studying different people over time it has found a correlations

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Weaknesses of sex assignment and gender behaviours


Biological approach focuses on how nature leads to gender behaviour 

Nuruture does also have an input and there is robably an interaction between the different influence of nature and nurture. Although the study of Money showed nature to have significane over nurture.

Much gene research has been done using animals they must take great care when generalising the finding to humans. Evenethough animals have simularities to humans they do have differences such as smaller brains. 

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