Biological approach

Nature or nurture?

The approach falls heavily on the side of nature. This is due to the belief that our genetics dictate the way that we behave. We are born with our genetics so they are obviously innate

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Lab experiments

The approach uses lab experiments to gain its data. These are good because they have a high control over the variables like the IV and DV and also other extraneous variables. However they hav low ecological validity as the task is done in an artificial setting and may not represent real life.

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Tyron's study

Tyron conducted a study to see if intelligence was passed on through genetics to offspring. He put Rats through a maze and labelled them as either maze bright or maze dull rats. He then bred the rats with other rats with the same intelligence as them. He put the Rats offspring through a maze and observed how they did. he found that the rats with intelligent parents were also intelligent in the maze, and vice versa

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Evolutionary psychology

Darwin's theory of evolution is also applied to psychology. Evolutionary psychologists believe that in the same way that characteristics that are of no use to an organism are phased out, they believe that behaviour also becomes extinct.

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Geno and phenotype

Our genotype is all of our genetic information that is stored inside of the human body (chromosomes etc..)

Our phenotype is all of our genetic information that is displayed on a person. Its also all of the enviromental factors that can have an impact on our appearance/ behaviour.

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Strengths and limitations


Scientific- has a lot of research done in labs to try and establish cause and effect

practical applications- has applications in the real world. Has helped with the treatment of mental ilness.


Too reductionalist- approaches such as the humanist approach would argue that a holistic view is needed to understand every aspect of a person

Too nature- tends to ignore the idea that behaviours can be learnt

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