Biological and Chemical Control

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Advantages of Chemical Control

  • relatively cheap
  • use to apply and use
  • pests are irradicated
  • and quick and effective means of control
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Disadvantages of Chemical Control

  • Pests can become resistant to the pesticide
  • There is possible Bioaccumulation as was with DDT
  • long term exposure may be harmful to humans- this is particually evident of cotten production in LDRs( less developed region - GCSE/A level Geography term)
  • the pesticides are not specfic so you could kill animals that pollulinate crops such as Bees
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Advantages of Biological Control

  • hgihly specific to one pest
  • no bioaccumulation in the food chain
  • low cost once established in the long term
  • can provide long term pest managment
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Disadvantages of Biological Control

  • not very many know success storys
  • The organism introduced to reduce the pests may itself be come a pest - such was the case with the Bull frog in Australia
  • High level of skill and research needed and this comes at a high cost
  • frequent input is need to maintain the balance
  • the pest is only  reduced not irradicated
  • detailed information needed on the life cycle of the pest
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Lacey Read


" use apply use"? I don't understand? But otherwise this resource is amazing! It is hard to identify the disadvantages and advantages from the textbook so thank you!


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