Biological and behavioural explanation of abnormality

Biological explanation- Behaviour is shaped by the internal, physiological factors. Abnormal behaviours are 'illness' caused by possible combination of genetic, biochemical, hormonal and neurological factors.

Behavioural explanation- This focuses on the behaviour of a person in order to explain psychological problems. They claim abnormal behaviour is learned through eperience.

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Biological explanations of abnormality!


mwntal illness can be passed through genes. Some people may be genetically at risk of developing a mental disorder.


Neurotrasmitters are thought to be imbalanced in the nervous system of people suffering from psychological disorders. Excessive amounts of activity have been associated with schizopherehia.


It has been found that the flu can give rise to mental illness such as schizopherehia- 14% of cases can be linked to the flu virus in the womb during the first trimester.

Brain structure/Damage

Abormal behaviour can occur if the structure of the brain is damaged. For example people with larger ventricles tend to suffer from schizophrenia. Also alzheimer's disease is a type of dementia caused by loss of cells i the nervous system.

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