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  • Deterministic.. all our behaviour is detemind by hormones and genes.. no control over... free will is an illusion 
  • Over- simplistic.. doesnt take into account the influence of environmental factors or that it isnt either one its the combination of the two
  • Ethical issues.. artfically manipulating and maniuplaing genes.. 
  • Artifical.. use of experiments etc doesnt reflect real world.. lack eco v and mundane realism
  • Reductionist.. all thoughts and behaviours are explained in terms of nevses, chemicals and genes so biological machines which robs us of humanity and seen as dehumanising
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  • Use of rigorous methods.. cause and effect .. objectivity
  • Evidence for the nature debate eg substance abuse.. petets, finn and gender.. money, van goozen etc
  • Practical applications eg drugs eg SSRI... interfere with re uptake of sertotin help with OCD 
  • Evidence for the idea of evolution and genes influncig 
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