BIO-Learning&modifying reflexes

Learning&modifying reflexes

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reflex respone can be modified by the brain.

1)Reflex responses can be modified and can be overidden by a neuron between the brain &the motor neuron of reflex arc.

2)stimulus causes a particular reflex respone. it can also produce the same respone to a new reflex=a conditional reflex.-the can increases survival

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Bio 2

Brain-neurons all intereconnected.

Modify behaviour as result of 'experience'.

co-ordinate compliacted behaviour..

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Babies-most neuron connections are not formed. When they learn something new they experience something and they branch out and connect to cells that were previously unconnected. When experiences are repeated-pathways that impulse travel along become stronger-means likely to transmit more impulses. Impulses that aren't used-die off

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