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Coral Reefs

- Home to over 25% of all known marine fish
-Species: 4,000 reef-living fish, 800 reef-building coral
- Many scientists think it is only a fraction - many may not have beendiscovered

Shoreline protection:
-'Buffer' coasts from wave erosions & the impact of storms - cheaper than man-made defences
- Growing in importance as sea-levels rise!

- Local people eat from coral reef: fish, conch, lobsters, sea urchins & cucumbers
- 20% of animal protein consumed comes from marine - Reefs providing 25% of the fish catch
- Promotes commercial fishing 
- High tech commercial fishing increasing pressure on reefs

- Algae & Sponges yield bioactive compaous 
- Reef species support new treatments for: bacterial infections, bone grafts, some cancers

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Coral Reefs Continued...

Aquarium trade

- Reefs contain resident animals such as soft corals, sea horses, small tropical fish 

Decorative objects

- Black coral ornaments and jewellery

Building materials 
-  Lime & Stone used as alternative construction material 

Education & Research
- Found to provide ideal habitats - shallow water and easy accessibility from the shore

Tourist magnets 
- More than 100/109 countries with Reefs have been established tourist industries 
- Some Carribean countries derive HALF of their GNP from Reef tourism

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