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Anti-depressants used to reduce anxiety associated w/OCD --> Low levs. serotonin implicated in worry circuit --> Increasing levs of serotonin (using SSRIs) will help improve its performance --> This would reduce the patients need to act out compulsions as to reduce anxiety and so reduce OCD behav.--> Anti-anxiety are also used for the same effects --> Benzodiapenes slow down nervous system by enhancing GABA which leaves OCD more relaxed

SUPPORT effectiveness: -->anti-depressants worked better than placebos = drugs actually work -->H/W ethical concerns = deception may have long term damaging effects..... trust issues ('8) -->Side effects: hallucinations, and headaches & can be very addictive --> nevertheless SUPPORT: drugs easy to take, little motivation.. cognitive lazy

Capsulotomy & Cingulotomy --> EFFECTIVENESS SUPPORT: 45% (sample 44) that unresponsive to behavioral treatments at least partially improved cingulotomy --? H/w 'partially improved' not quantifiable & small sample size--> external validity: cautious --> Side effects: reduced motivation/energy that might be why OCD is reduced not b/c of surgery

Real-Life effects: Mary Lou Zimmerman -> BOTH capsulotomy and cingulotomy & unable to walk afterwards--> Insufficiently informed about poss. side-effects which calls for informed consent -->

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bio treat 2

Case study...generalisbility --> H/W support: side-effcts .. seizures, pesonality changes

H/W research shows reponse prevention therapy same results as antidepressants -> combination of treatment needed...

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