Binding Methods

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Saddle Wire Stitching

The simplist method of binding, by stapiling the pages through the fold. 


Brochures, Weekly magazines, Comics.


- Ideal for signature feed processes (Folded pages) 

- Printed materials can be laid flat to read

- Relitvely inexpensive when produces comercially 


- Lower quality visual appearance 

- Not durable as centre pages can easily fall apart

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Side-wire stitching

Staples are passed through the side of the document close to the spine.


Many modern photocopiers can collate and staple documents, e.g information booklets, revision, materials, etc.


- Used when the document is too thick for saddle-wire stitching

- Relatively inexpensive when produced comericially

- Ideal for binding multioples of single sheets of paper without folds


- Cannot lay printed materials flat to read as it causes damage to the spine.

- Lower quality visual apperance 

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Spiral and comb binding

Pages are punched through with a series of holes along the spine. A spiralling steel or plastic band is inserted through the holes to hold the sheets together.


Buisness reports/documents


- Relatively inexpensive when produced comercially

- Ideal for binding multiples of single sheets for paper without folds 

- Fairly good quality visual apperance 

- Printed materials can be laid flat to read


Not durable as document can easily fall apart ir tear down perforations

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Perfect Binding

Pages are held together and fixed by the cover by means a flexiable adhesive


Paper back books, glossy monthly magazines, catalogues


- Better presentation and visual appeal with printable spine rather than staples

- Better quality puts all the pages or signatures together, roughens and flattens the edge, then a flexiable ahesive attaches the paper cover to the spine

- Glued spine provides logevitey for monthly magazine


Expensive comercial process  

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Hard bound or case bound

Usually comvinws sewing and gluing to create the most durable method of commercial binding 


Hardback books, quality presentations, e.g school year books


- Stiff board is used of the cover to protect the pages 

- High quality, professional binding method 

- Extemely durable 


Very expensive commercial process

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