Biases (II)

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  • People are unskilled at explaining things and are unskilled epistomologists
  • Illusion of explanatory depth - unknown end point of explanation, confusions between higher and lower level analysis, misattribution of knowledge to the external world.
  • Illusion of argument justification - people overestimate the validity and strength of their own point in an argument
  • Cultural Cognition - people conform their beliefs about debated topics to values that define their cultural identities, facts are accepted based on cultural critera, risks percieved by norms.
  • People often polarize their beliefs in line with cultural values
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  • Rozenblit and Keil (2002) - illusion of explanatory depth, not present for facts e.g. what is the capital of spain?
  • Lombrozo (2007) - people are more inclined to choose a simple answer even if the complex one is 3x more likely
  • Fisher and Keil (2004) - illusion of argument justification
  • Schuldt (2011) - amongst republicans, as education increased, belief in scientific fact decreased, college educated vs non college educated
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