Betws-y-Coed Contrasting Places (Regeneration)

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Economic Activity

  • 8% claiming benefits
  • 75.6% are economically active
  • 6% increase of unemployment in the winter
  • 0.5% unemployed

Types of Employment

  • Tertiary-in accomodation and food industry
  • Tourism based-46.6% of jobs
  • Average wage £17,000 per annum
  • Large self employment sector
  • 6% of jobs are seasonal (hotel staff and farmhands)
  • Changed during industrial revolution as accessibility increased
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Social Factors

  • 96.4% white
  • Undeprived
  • Small Population
  • Snowdonia National Park

Betws-y-Coed is in the Snowdonia National Park, this ahs caused it to be an ideal tourism destination, meaning that the majority of jobs are tourism based.

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  • Pre 1860s-Small rural village (Farming)
  • 1869- Railway station built (beginning of tourism)
  • 1930s-Popular one day destination for Lancashire workers
  • 20th Century-quarrying-decommissioned in 1920, buildings made from slate
  • 1959-A5 built
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  • Mostly white demographic as, despite high human traffic, nobody stays permanently
  • 1207th most deprived in Wales
  • 73% less income deprived than the rest of Wales
  • 81% less employment deprived than the rest of Wales
  • 87% less health deprived than the rest of Wales
  • No crime
  • 27% better environmental quality than the rest of Wales
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Regional Influences

  • Not overshadowed-brings tourism to surrounding villages
  • A5 connects to North Wales and West Midlands
  • Nearest airport is Birmingham (2h33min)
  • Little room for additional growth and development due to the rules of the National Park-new buildings must be made from local materials
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National Influences

  • Constitution of Aberconwy- currently have a divided vote-44.6% Conservative, 42.6% Labour, 9.9% Plaid Cymru
  • Community Council meets monthly (excluding August)
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Global Influences

  • No global brands except Premier Inn
  • Majority of businesses are run locally-stay in business due to no competition from TNCs
  • Lots of global tourism due to Birmingham Airport's proximity-50% of international tourists come from Europe, followed by: N.America, Ireland, S.Hemisphere and Scandanavia
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International Influences

  • 4h44mins to London via car
  • 3h59mins to London via train and car (one change in Crewe)
  • 2h47mins to Manchester via train and car (Wales Line)
  • 2h1min to Manchester via car
  • Almost £1bn invested in Snowdonia by the EU (there are worries about post-Brexit funding)
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Media Perceptions

National-Daily Post

  • "One of the most beautiful places in the world"
  • Creates a positive image, encouraging tourism.
  • Most popular paper in Wales
  • Projects an image of perfection

Local-Wales Online

  • Reports petty crimes in the area-of no interest to National News
  • Less idealistic
  • Average price for a 3 bedroom home is £500,000 in this paper, giving a rich impression
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