Betrayal Reception quotes

Quotes for the reception of the play Betrayal by Harold Pinter.

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Newsweek, Kroll, 1978

  • 'Ectasy and Pain'
  • Excitement of meeting (ironically the last scene); pain of parting (the third)
  • 'labrinth of betrayals'
  • 'desire and deception'
  • 'like watching a flower blossom backwards,its petals inexorably closing'
  • 'Turns banality into a melancholy beauty'
  • 'Banal twin demons: impossability and necessity'
  • 'Quiet revulsion that brings the affair to a desolate close'
  • Finds a grim but delicate beauty and humour in such desolation
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Telegraph, Spencer, 2003

  • Refrence to early reviews that commeted the play was like a 'High class soap opera about the affluent middle-class'
  • Professional occupstions; opportunity to rent the flat; infidelity is typical soap opera drama
  • 'Combination of technical ingenuity and deep feeling'
  • 'Dialogue is spare but immensely rich'
  • Narrative techniques offers levels of irony and a sense of implacable fate.'
  • Myriad meanings'
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