Bernstein Section b answers

Bernstein Section B answers

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  • Mainly Syllabic
  • Based on alterations of 3 themes
  • Question and Answer structure in some points due to the upwards and downwards moving melody line
  • Word painting is used to emphasize the lyrics
  • High tessitura used in some parts to emphasize the idea of mystery and suspense
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Harmony and Tonality

  • Tonal
  • D major with two contrasting sections of C major
  • Jazz influenced and based Harmony using subtle dissonance and blue notes - sharpened 4ths and flattened 7ths
  • Unresolved harmony at the end of the piece by the sustained flattened 7th note represents Tony's future as it is unresolved and expectant
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Rhythm and Metre

  • Push Rhythms used to accent words and notes
  • Syncopation used throughout the piece
  • Lots of parts play cross rhythms
  • Metre is 3/4 and 2/4 and sometimes feels like 6/8
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  • Fast -176- reflecting Tony's excitement
  • Shorter note vaules like quavers make it seem faster
  • Contrasts of short and snappy phrases with long phrases affect the movement of the piece
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  • 6 Sections- Intro, A, B, B1, A1, Outro
  • Based on the 3 themes
  • Emphasized by changes in time signature and key
  • New dynamics for a new section
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  • Piece begins pp in a half whispering style, accented by push rhythms, giving a breathless, agitated feeling reflecting his impatience to leave the gang behind
  • Long sustained notes have crescendos and diminuendos
  • Sudden (-subito) contrasts from ppp to
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  • Whole musical has a 31 piece band requiring players who can 'double up'
  • The piece uses 

-violins, clarinets, trumpets, horns, saxaphones, a drum kit, piano, flutes and a cello

  • Solo Tenor singing 
  • Trumpets are muted
  • Doubel Bass plays a pizzacato riff heard in intro
  • Drum Kit plays with wire brushes on the snare and high hat
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