Believing in God.


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Religious upbringing?

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  • baptism - either as a baby or as a teenager/adult.
  • praying to god for emotional/physical/spirtial well being
  • participating in the sacraments such as communion or confirmation.
  • witnessing religious experiences  or experiencing one for themselves.

this can support their belief in god if they feel it was a good experience and feel that they received something from their religious upbringing.

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The theory can support your belief in god how?

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  • anything that has been designed needs a designer
  • the only possible designer of something so intricare is God
  • a version of this is paley's watch - paley believed that if a watch needs a watch maker the univers need a unicerse maker. as both a watch and universe are made up of such complex mechanisms. as the only being that could designthe universe would be god it follows the god must exist.
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Evidence of the desing of the world.

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Laws of science - the laws of gravity and elcetrictiy etc// all involve complex things working together

DNA - this is a nucleic acid which forms the materials of all living organsims its formation could indicare a design of blue print for the structire of organisms

Evolution - some see the evidence of design in the process of evolution where comples life forms to develop from simple ones.

Beauty of nature - there is ecidence of design in the natural beauty that people find in landscapes an things surronding them.

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this theory also lead people not to believe in God

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  • the argument ignore the evidence of lack of desing in the universe for example vocanoes, earthquakes etc...
  • all the evidence for design can be explained by science without even thinking of a God
  • the argument only proves that the universe has a designer not god. the designer could be many gods an evil god a god who used this universe as a trail run so that he could create a better one.
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Why R.Caltholics dont believe in abortion?

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  • its againest the 10 commandments
  • sactity of life
  • life is given by god not us
  • under no cercumstances are you aloud to have an abortion if you are a R.Caltholic.
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Prostestents views on abortion?

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  • they do not believe in abortion
  • the breaking of the 10 commandments
  • sactity of life
  • if the mother or child is in danger or you have had a good enough reason to say you should get rid of the fetus than you are aloud to go againest the rules that are made.
  • lesser of two evils.
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Laws on abortion?

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  •  the current law is  you are aloud an abortion up till 24 weeks of pregnacy
  • this changed from 28 weeks to 24 weeks in 1990
  • before the 24 weeks was put into place from 1957-1990 it was 28 week
  • they aim to reduce it to 20weeks
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