Believing in God

Religiou upbringing,Religious experience,The Design  Arguement,Causation,Scientific expl anations of the  world,Unanswered prayers,Evil and Suffering 

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Religious Upbringing

Parents take their children to church because they want their children to be blessed and to have some-one to turn to when they need to talk they can go to groups within the church and mix with people their own age.

They want their children to know right from wrong,they want them to understand what to do and they get guidance from their friends who dont go to church and dont know what they're going through because they havent shared the same experiences

Going  to church as a child can set you up for life because when you get married and you want to get married in a church you have to have been at that church for a certain amount of time or you could get refused by the priest.   

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Religious experience

Conversion is when your life is changed by giving yourself to God.Conversion is a word to describe an experience God, which is so great that the person experiencing it wants change and commit themselves to God in a special way. For example Raymond Nader was a commander in the christian militia he saw a vision of Jesus in a bright light and changed from hating christians to being one.   

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No design argument!!!- this is pathetic

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