Believing in God

For many people, they are brought up in a religious environment which leads them into or supporting belief in the God of their religion

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Religious Upbringing

1. Children believe what their parents tell them= copy parents behaviour

2. If child brought up with religious parents= more likely that they will believe in God


  • you cannot be born a Christian= states in the New Testament
  • God has no grandchildren-you cannot rely on your parents faith you have to find it yourself or parents can't force you to believe in the religion


  • if your mothers Jewish= your Jewish
  • practising Jews see the importance of encouraging their children to keep the faith


  • born in submission to Allah
  • walk away from Allah as a result of upbringing
  • if some one embraces the religion it is said for them to be returning.
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Key words

Omnipotent- all powerful = nothing is impossible for God

Omniscient- all knowing = knowing everything that we do, think or feel, now, in the past and in the future

Omnibenevolent- all loving = he wants only what's best for us

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Religious Experience

God revels himself in these ways:


  • inspires wonder where somewhere can feel God's presence


  • amazing events that can't be explained by laws of nature and science
  • Bible has accounts of Jesus' miracles
  • miracles show Jesus' power and presence


  • contacting God through words
  • a person may feel God's presence in an answered prayer

Religious Scripture

  • people can read religious scripture and feel that the nature of God has been revealed

Charismatic Phenomena (or Charismatic Worship)

  • a Christian believer may claim to have been touched by the Holy Spirit and begin to speak tongues, having visions or prophesying.
  • they may sing, dance, shake, or cry during worship


  • the first time a person becomes a follower of a God


  • when someone changes their faith
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thank you, this has helped for my R.E mock exam which is tomorrow! :/ 

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