Beliefs in Society - Ethnicity

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Religion and Ethnicity

Bird: Talks about origins and societal values, he suggests that many ethnic groups come from societies with high levels of religiosity.

Bird: Suggests that religion acts as a basis for community solidarity when you belong to a minority group.

Bird: Argues that more many ethnic groups religion maintains cultural identity for example language, and also helps to pass on the culture.

Bird: Religion is maintained through socialisation e.g. family pressure to stay religious.

Bird: Religious belief can help people deal with social oppression e.g. Afro-Caribbean’s move to the UK where they face discrimination and injustice.

Weber: Argues that immigrants had high levels of belief before they migrated to the UK. He argues that they use religion as an explanation for their disadvantage and to offer hope for salvation.

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Religion and Ethnicity

Durkheim: Argues that religion helps to bond new communities who are under threat. It also provides people with a shared set of norms and values and unites people as a distinguished social group.

Bruce: Religion is used for ‘Cultural defence’ which helps them to keep separate from the rest of society. It is also used for ‘Cultural transition’ which is a way of assimilating our culture.

Modood: Argues that many second generation Muslims aren’t as religious as their parents as they have been socialised into the wider culture.

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