Belief about deity

The topics covered in the belief about deity...

  • The nature of God.
  • Reason for belief in God.
  • The concept of miracles.
  • The ways these beliefs affect the life and outlook of Christians in the world today.

Key words

  • Apostles' creed- An early statement if christian belief.
  • Cosmological argument- The argument that there must be a 'first cause' and that this was God.
  • Forgiveness- The teaching of forgiveness forms part of the most important and widely used Christian prayer- the prayer Jesus taught his disciples, commonly known as the Lord's prayer.
  • Heaven- A Christian idea of paradise where the soul goes after death if it is free from sin to have eternal life with God.
  • Incarnate- The doctrine that God took human form in Jesus.
  • Monotheism- Belief in one God.
  • Resurrection- The rising from the dead of Jesus Christ on the third day after the crucifixion.
  • Teleological argument- The argument that the world is so complex that is much have had a designer and the designer must be God.
  • Trinity- The Christian belief that God is three seperate persons within One- Father, Son and the Holy spirit.
  • Ontological argument- The argument based on the idea that God is greater than anything else people can think of.
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