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GCSE Religious Studies - Philosophy

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What do Christians believe about the nature of God? Include the three (omni....) + Holy Spirit.

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CHRISTIAN BELIEFS = that there is 1 God who is spirit (has no form or shape). They believe he is:
Omnibenevolent = all loving
Omnipotent = all powerful
Omniscient = all knowing

The Holy Trinity =
Father (God was creator of the world)
Son (his son is Jesus)
Holy Spirit (he is impersonal)

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What are Christian beliefs about Jesus?

Why do they think Jesus is a savior?

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CHRISTIAN BELIEFS = that Jesus is a teacher and peacemaker. He is like God in a human body; "immanuel" meaning "God is with us". Jesus' stories/parables are used to show people how to live morally.

JESUS AS A SAVIOR = Christians believe Jesus is a savior because he died to take away the worlds' sins (took the punishment on the cross). "Atonement" means his death on the cross made people at one with God. He is also eternal as he was resurrected.

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What are the Christian beliefs about the Holy Spirit?

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CHRISTIAN BELIEFS = When Jesus was resurrected he told the diciples when he left he would send them the Holy Spirit.
"All of them were filled by the Holy Spirit".

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Why don't athiests believe in God?

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Athiests do not believe in God because there is an explanation for everything without him. Everything appeared by chance.There is evil and suffering in the world and if God was  as loving and powerful as said, he would have stopped it.

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What are the different arguments Christians give to support their belief in God and why is each one relevent?

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ONTOLOGICAL = he is the most perfect being imaginable. If he did not exist, people wouldn't be able to imagine him. "That than which nothing greater can be conceived".
COSMOLOGICAL = everything has a cause and God was the first cause. He was a necessary being and everything in the world has stemmed from him.
TELEOLOGICAL = there are things in the world that are much too complicated to appear by chance (e.g. dna) and therefore must have been designed. God is the designer of the world.
EXPERIENCE = some people have experienced God through prayers being answered, miracles etc.
MORAL = every person knows what is right and wrong; we gain this knowledge from God.

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What is the concept of a miracle?

What miracles did Jesus achieve?

How do miracles break scientific laws?

What miracles happen today?

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CONCEPT = a miracle is something that nature cannot have achieved and is a sign of God's love + power. Something out of the ordinary which couldn't have happened by humans.
MIRACLES BY JESUS = walking on water, turning water into wine, raising from the dead. He was a messiah (God's love in practice).
MIRACLES BREAKING SCIENTIFIC LAWS = God carried out miracles without the force of nature; the things he did nature couldn't achieve alone and therefore overpowers them.
MIRACLES TODAY = many people go on pilgrimages in the hope to cure illnesses, faith healers and the work of the Holy Spirit.

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