Behaviourist Theories

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  • Classical conditioning theory
  • Worked with dogs
  • Noticed dogs salivate before food
  • The dogs started to recognise the sound of footsteps to food
  • His experiment was with a bell for when the dogs being fed
  • His can be applied to humans, john watson conditioned a child to be afriad of a rat. He did a noise when he saw a rat
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  • Operant conditioning
  • Believed that alll learnin could be shaped by controlling the enviorment
  • Our learning was beased on the type of consequence or reinforces
  • Skinners experiment was used with rats. The rats would recieve food when they pressed the buttons.
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  • Social learning theory
  • Believed children learnt from others
  • This was the bobo doll experienment
  • Learned by watching adults with the doll(hitting it)

Group A-saw the adults react aggresively to the doll

Group B-saw adults act aggresively to the doll and was rewarded with sweets and drink

Group C-saw adults act aggresively to the doll and told off by other adults

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