Behavioural treatments

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  • Changes maladaptive beheviour with the aprorpiate
  • therapy based on operant and classical conditioning
  • Systematic desensitisation, flooing, aversion therapy, token economy 
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systematic relaxation

  • form of counter conditioning
  • trained patients to substitute a fear response with a relaxation response 
  • relaxation is not complete with fear/anxiety 

This is done by creating a hierarchy of fear involving the stimulus. They rank different variations of the stimulus from the least feared to the most feared. The patient then works their way up from the least fearful to the most fearful practising their relaxation as they go. When they feel comfortable they move onto the next stage of the hierarchy.

  • klosko- 87% panic free
  • gertz 66% effective for OCD
  • scientific and testable
  • empowers individuals
  • useful for anxiety, fear and ocd 
  • relapse rates are low
  • Flooding doesnt empower
  • flooding is unethical
  • doesnt work for the majority of disorders
  • difficult to arrange control
  • difficult to set up real life event 
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