behaviour changes in cakes: melting method

gingerbread recipe: 225g plain flour, 1 5ml spoon of bicarbonate of soda, 125g margarine, 4x5ml spoons of ginger, 125g brown sugar, 200g golden syrup, 150ml milk, 1 egg.

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gingerbread: step one

Action- melt the fat slowly with the sugar and syrup.

Behaviour change- the fat sugar and syrup become liquid and mixed thoroughly.

Possible faults- overheatuing of this mixture with high sugar content causes the sugar to burn.

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gingerbread step two and three

Action- stir the melted mixture into the dry ingredients

Behaviour change- the raising agent starts to release carbon dioxide

Possible faults- carbon dioxide is released slowly from the bicarbonate of soda.

Action- add the egg and the milk.

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gingerbread step 4

Action- bake

Behaviour change- the raising agents are given off slowly and raise the cake. the starch geletanises, the proteins coagulate. the rich brown colour and moist texture are developed.

Possible faults- high temperature would burn the sugar. it also causes too rapid rising, and a cracked surface, which later sinks in the middle.  

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